Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit

There must’ve been something my conscious was screaming when I first laid eyes on you..

It’s funny how they can tell the next steps to transpire before your mind can comprehend it..

I sit back in awe of you, the mystery in your eyes draws me closer to solve the puzzle of you..

I was able to see how intrigued you were of me which were the clues that I felt would crack my case..

However, that was my mistake.

Because nobody can ever fully know someone who doesn’t want to be revealed..  Only they can remove the veil and expose their nakedness for better or for worse..

But u didn’t do that with me. So with that I’ve failed.

Failed at what? See I was never yours to begin with so how could I think such foolishness.

Excuses I play over and over in my head to make the lies suffice in my head.–this pain will go away.

Things will work out. Isn’t that what love is all about?

What is love you say?

People have so many definitions and reminiscents of what it is to them. However, it’s never in the same context as the next.

Love through feeling is always wanting to be with that person.

Where exasperated bodily energy transmits to one another..

Releasing hormones of excitement, butterflies, and sexual tension occur; Even in the most smallest forms of life..

Love through logic, is taking control of the ride through emotion. Slowly releasing the endorphins and highs of being in love because they knows the feeling. And what it could do to them. So they slow themselves down in moderation..

So that they cannot logically get swept up in the feeling that love. Love. That’s what we were deeply in..

Let’s say that I, was the feeling that wanted to enjoy all the highs that it gave us while you were the logic..

Allowing us to enjoy in portions because you know how we could logically get swept up..

I would always fight you because of it..

Not because you were right. But because you were right all along..

Why I could never hate you?
Because even in the moments of hurt, I see pureness in your eyes..
You’re truly just someone trying to live life in stride
And for that I know things will be alright..