Writers Curse

Writers Curse

It’s hard to express what’s bothering you..

When you don’t want your soul to complain..

Sometimes I find it hard to breath..

Because I didn’t choose this life. 

My trials and tribulations chose me.

I’m tired of crying, asking why..

But these after effects are symptoms of a warrior..

It turns out that even the strong feel weak.

When this first began, I brought my sorrows to the alter 

Thinking if I looked to the heavens, the Lord would solve them.

But in the end, the same loneliness was what I felt..

I said to myself, it has to be something else..

I say to my inner self

Why can’t I just depend on myself?

I’m tired of feeling as though I need to run to people in order to feel healed and restored. 

Where is my own inner strengthening ?

Where was the joy that fueled my inspiration?

Who wants to live a life drowned in sorrow and desperation?

It was then that I realized my journey begins with self-love

But with the problems that arise its just so hard to comprehend

I think it could be because of my desire to strive for perfection.

But even through my efforts, its only caused an infection

Because there is no such thing as something that is perfect.

Even with all that’s portrayed in the TV screens and social media feeds..

When you look inspiration through everything but yourself, you show a disservice to your true colors..

So I will no longer try to seek my validation through others..

It’s time to figure out who I am for me, not always waiting for the skies above

Somehow I’ve lost sight of that

Figuring out my calling

Hoping that my dreams prevail..

But I know I’m not quite there yet,

My gift is still hidden in the veil.

Saying you’ll accomplish things is easier said then done 

But to be the person that gives up before they try,

I’ll no longer be that one

I have been blessed beyond measure

And I now realize it’s something I must treasure


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