Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit

There must’ve been something my conscious was screaming when I first laid eyes on you..

It’s funny how they can tell the next steps to transpire before your mind can comprehend it..

I sit back in awe of you, the mystery in your eyes draws me closer to solve the puzzle of you..

I was able to see how intrigued you were of me which were the clues that I felt would crack my case..

However, that was my mistake.

Because nobody can ever fully know someone who doesn’t want to be revealed..  Only they can remove the veil and expose their nakedness for better or for worse..

But u didn’t do that with me. So with that I’ve failed.

Failed at what? See I was never yours to begin with so how could I think such foolishness.

Excuses I play over and over in my head to make the lies suffice in my head.–this pain will go away.

Things will work out. Isn’t that what love is all about?

What is love you say?

People have so many definitions and reminiscents of what it is to them. However, it’s never in the same context as the next.

Love through feeling is always wanting to be with that person.

Where exasperated bodily energy transmits to one another..

Releasing hormones of excitement, butterflies, and sexual tension occur; Even in the most smallest forms of life..

Love through logic, is taking control of the ride through emotion. Slowly releasing the endorphins and highs of being in love because they knows the feeling. And what it could do to them. So they slow themselves down in moderation..

So that they cannot logically get swept up in the feeling that love. Love. That’s what we were deeply in..

Let’s say that I, was the feeling that wanted to enjoy all the highs that it gave us while you were the logic..

Allowing us to enjoy in portions because you know how we could logically get swept up..

I would always fight you because of it..

Not because you were right. But because you were right all along..

Why I could never hate you?
Because even in the moments of hurt, I see pureness in your eyes..
You’re truly just someone trying to live life in stride
And for that I know things will be alright..
Why YOU Should Write Too 

Why YOU Should Write Too 


Calling all writers! And non-writers.

Everyone is always going on about how you should find yourself and know who you are (I myself believe that I am a few different kinds of people, depending on my mood. But that’s a story for another day).

A great way to know and understand yourself better is by writing. Writing can reveal truths about ourselves that we would never have discovered any other way.

The primary duty of literature is to tell us the truth about ourselves by telling us lies about people who never existed.

We make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones.

-Stephen King

It doesn’t matter what you write, who you show it to or what you do with your work. Isn’t it crazy? With just a pen and a blank piece of paper you can createworlds;you can make people laugh, you can make…

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You once had your chance, but not anymore..

No more negative thoughts, the cost that I’ve paid indulging in the bitterness that has rather become painfully intimate..

I sulk day and night about what you’ve done to me..

My pillows sulk up the salty tears night after night..

I stay up praying; asking God for someone, anyone, to set me free from this pain..

but you told me that someone was no one, and I had to stay

You continue to nudge and prod my emotions where grudges became second nature.. It evolved into a spirit that would eventually overtake me. I allowed it to become embedded into my dreams..

Now I see how my resentment has clouded judgement..

“Only a fool vents in his anger!”.. those words sit quietly in my subconscious ..

But it feels SO good to let it out! However, I’m reminded it is within silence that speaks the loudest..

So continue to pierce me with sword of trials and tribulations.. it makes sense to build me up to become stronger to my adjacent

And I will make it to the finish line.. Conquering the anger and setbacks in life.. and take it all in stride


My Prodigy

My Prodigy


Well I don’t know if you remember me..

But at this moment, I knew we were destined to meet.


You may find this weird, but I’ve known you since you were a seed..I was there when you were grasping the gift of life & tears fell to my eyes

The only words I could say was, “WOW! That’s really… M I N E!


You were so beautiful! Your eyes held such curiosity

It was so different since you moved with such velocity..

The intelligence you held was forming up inside you see..

I was there as you were growing up.

We had such a tight bond, even when times got tough..

You would never hesitated to tell me about your problems..

I was the equal sign to complete your equation..

So when a problem rose up, I was there to solve them!


But as problems got harder..

You subtracted me & began to move farther..

You didn’t have faith in me anymore..

I was no longer the person you called..

Bitterness & Hatred consumed your life & tounge

& the last thing you said to me was, “What’s done is done!”


You now came into my presence as a foreigner..

& it became worse when you stopped calling me your Father.

Our connection was lost & you let someone new take my place..

Substituting that void or better yet, that empty space..

I saw you searching for everything to fill that…

Yup…Everything but ME!


I had to witness you inject poison with the side effects of lies, rejection, & deception

From then on, I lost more than a child..

I lost my Best Friend..


But I come to you today, just to ask you one thing..

Will you please come back home?

Your presence is well needed, not to mention your potential & intelligence

You know no one could ever give you the embrace that I could..

You tried to find it But no one could ever measure the love your Father has for you!


I am in every part of your being:

Arms, Legs, Feet, Torso but more so, in your Heart..

That’s where I start..

Assisting you daily to live a strong & happy life..

So why continue to live your rife in your in pain & strife?

When I can give you something true and that is eternal life


So I ask you..

Will you come back home?


Will you come back home?